Hi Everyone,

After 8 long, successful years developing and using MOWG, we have finally decided to retire it from public use.

We're not retiring it because it doesn't work anymore -- it works great (we still use it internally for specific purposes),
and the principles that drive it will continue to work for years to come.

Also, we're not retiring it because it failed to earn money for users:
1,000's of MOWG Owners have collectively made millions of dollars with it over the years, as part of their well thought-out plans.

We're only retiring it because it's the older version of what we do today, and we can't support you properly if we run both businesses at the same time.

We moved all the MOWG functions into our T2HA (Theme2HTML Automated) Panel, which has taken us in a whole new direction:
Instead of just giving you power, we plan your projects, set up the strategies, and do the work for you.

Visit us here to see what our advanced projects do for our corporate clients, large clients, and small business owners who are poised for rapid growth:

Thank You for Your Ongoing Support, and Your Business!

Best Regards, David Bennett
Cell: 616-834-6552