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Got from PR1 to PR3 With About 16,000
Auto-Generated Backlinks on 8 Websites:

Example Run: I probably got 12 websites up to PR3, all at once. And I got them all to Page 1 or 2 across about 30 high competition keywords, in just a single 45-minute backlink run. But since the 'Public PR Listing' for each website only updates every 3 months or so, it will take time to know how far those other websites have risen. At any rate, we happened to get lucky on one website: their Public PR Listing updated a week after we started the Run, which means that Google cached some of those backlinks by then, and we saw their score rise to a PR2. The other website was our oldest project, and therefore we were able to see the full effect all at once, when their score rose from PR1 to PR3, directly.

If a webpage is not indexed, the link has no score at all. That's because a webpage that is not indexed (or is banned - meaning Google turns off their PR completely), has a 'true' PR-0. If Google does index the webpage, then it actually does have a small amount of PR to share... that's because most webpages on most websites have very little backlinking to them, but it would be folly to not assign a value to a legitimate webpage that links to another webpage, even if the referring webpage does not have any external backlinks of its own, pointing in.

Of course, this is interesting: if you get a 'backlink to a backlink', then you increase the overall PR that gets shared. This is not wrong, either: creating a sensible flow between websites (without using funny tricks) is how the entire internet works, now. There are clusters of websites which aren't really connected to any other websites at all... but within that cluster, PR is found on various interlinked webpages. They form a sort of 'hub' that you can stumble upon through a Google/Yahoo/Bing search, and that is already legitimate growth. This is why Google does assign a 'residual bit' of PR to any webpage it indexes... and that PR can be shared with other webpages through backlinks and page heirarchy on any website. Backlinks that are later added, pointing at any of those websites, will increase the PR as a whole, across all the interconnected webpages. And again, that juice is shared with backlinks to other websites.

Let's use some example numbers that reflect what we have been seeing... and let's assume that only your website is being backlinked - no other backlinks to other websites exist on the page:

Backlinks from Webpages with PR-0 (but are indexed by Google) that don't have any of the same/similar wording as the backlinks to your webpage: 0.01
Generally, it takes about 100 - 120 such webpages to get your webpage from a PR-0 to a PR-1. It will take about 1000 - 1500 of these to get your webpage to a PR2, assuming you get at least two backlinks from other websites (at least one backlink from each site to the same page you're backlinking on this first website). And getting your webpage to a PR3 would take about 15,000 - 18,000 such backlinks, spread across a small handful of websites (8 - 10 can be enough)

Backlinks from Webpages with PR-0 (but are indexed by Google) that have the same/similar wording as the backlinks to your webpage: 0.02
Simply put, it seems that backlinks from similar pages have about twice the strength of backlinks which have dissimilar content. So it takes about half as many webpages to hit the score... or in other words, the same number of webpages simply have twice the value of getting you further toward the next PR level.

Backlinks from Webpages with PR-0 (but are indexed by Google) that are actually 'seo-optimized' for the same wording as the backlinks to your webpage: 0.05
So only 20 - 25 such webpages might be needed to get your webpage from a PR-0 to a PR-1... and here is where we really get to excel with our automated backlinking software, because we can CYCLE backlinks for various webpages of any website on generation. That means that with 1,000 generated webpages, we can push as many as 40 webpages across 1 or more websites from a PR-0 to a PR-1 (more growth across more webpages simply takes more of the same work.)

Ultimately, it's amazing to even realize that you can control your PageRank automatically with a procedure that Google sees as whitehat. But that's what we're doing, now, with just two things: our MOWG-Pro software and our Placeholder Website: the MOWG-Pro Version 1.6 was rewired to make it perfectly easy to create as many backlinks as you want, on as many websites as you want. The results are incredible, as we show in our video series.

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